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It’s been so busy around here lately that I haven’t had time to blog, so I thought it was about time I did something about it.

The trouble is, I’m having difficulty keeping up with all this technology. Put me in the woodland or any open space for that matter and I can cope with almost anything but ask me to cope with all this computerised networking and the such and I get all flummoxed.

In a short space of time, I’ve found myself running an online shop, facebooking, blogging and twittering; it’s getting to the point some days when I don’t know if I’m Facewittering, twitbooking or shoplogging.

Yesterday was a prime example. I have an etsy shop, had it for about four months and I decided it was about time to explore it a little bit more, so off I went clicking this and that and seeing where it led. Well, before long I was lost in a maze; do I want to join a circle? A circle of what? It didn’t say but apparently it’s the thing to do – everyone there does it. Do I want to favourite items? There’s so many, how do you narrow it down or do you favourite everything? Do I want to join a team? Good god, do I have to play sport too to get on here?? Do I want to make a treasury? If it comes fully stocked from the Royal Mint, then yes, certainly. Do I want to see the activity of others? Well, that would sort of depend on the type of activity they’re indulging in, surely?

Questions, questions, choices, choices! Now it might put this into perspective when I tell you that I thought it made it near impossible to decide what to watch on TV when they introduced a fifth channel, so you can appreciate my problems here. And this is all without me having to list my own items into my own shop! What will I call an item? Which section in the shop? Etc, etc…

So I just sat there and stared at the computer screen. Icons blinked at me and I blinked at them, I felt like I was in a game of “who blinks first” and I lost. Bloody computer even beats me at that.

“I thought you were working? Finally getting to grips with the shop?” The Toadsman had slipped into the room and was standing behind me. I turned and looked at him and was about to let loose a tirade when I was overcome with an uncontrollable desire to laugh, which I did. There he was, standing there in the oldest, scruffiest clothes he owns, his hair standing out in all directions which gave me the distinct impression of horns appearing, his spectacles perched on the end of his nose, bones and talismans dangling and swinging from all available areas and…pink fluffly slippers. What a sight to behold! He calmly explained he’d been working and the slippers he had had to purloin from our daughter as his had finally given up the ghost.

I turned back to the computer and decided to put an update on Facebook instead. Even this has become a world of endless, pointless questions and choices; do I want to make a list of close friends? Why would I do that, I treat all friends the same. What do I want to see in my news feed? Well, strangely enough I thought I’d like to see my friends news. Do I need help to interact more? Oh for Pete’s sake! Actually, I think I’m interacting very well, especially for someone who can still only operate the most basic of mobile telephones. My sister has an iphone, it does everything except make a cup of tea. She asked me to answer it for her once; I tried lifting the front, sliding the front and pushing buttons that weren’t there but all to no avail, the damned thing kept ringing, so I did the only sensible thing in the situation; I hid it under the couch cushion until it went quiet.

I gave up and stropped off to my work room, where I threw myself in the chair near the window and watched the leaves falling gently to the ground. The peace was shattered by a magpie laughing in the tree.

“And what are you finding so funny?” I asked.

“You of course.” Came the answer

“Really. Why?”

“I have given you gifts for the making of my fetish to aid you in all things shiny, but you’re not getting it are you?” Cackle, cackle.

“If you don’t bugger off, I’ll get you instead!” I said, a little peeved.

Cackle, cackle, cackle again as he flew off.


And Twitter. If I could condense all I want to say into 140 characters or less, the Toadsman would be sodding ecstatic! Funny that, I think a lot of people would be ecstatic by that but when I need to find words, nothing. Not a bloody utterance can I muster. So my twittering has become tweetless and this social networking has left me witless.

Oh for the days when all that was needed was an advert in the paper and a telephone. A telephone with a spiral cord, a dial and which rang; not regales you with the William Tell overture or ominously declares “I want to play a game” when a message has landed in the inbox.

I sat there surrounded by the woods, plants and herbs, breathing deeply of their scents and aromas; it always calms me and clears my mind. I played with the magpie fetish and thought. He’s right, the magpie and the Toadsman. I need to get a grip, so tomorrow will be a new day and I will start off by writing for my blog.

Tomorrow is now today and at last I’ve updated my blog. So apologies if I don’t keep up as often as I should but I’m sure that with this darned magpie on my back, I’ll get there.