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As well as the often spoken about magical space at the intersection of four roads, the infamous crossroads, there is another very potent luminal place used by the cunning; No Man’s Land.

No Man’s Land or Jacks Green, is a triangular piece of land created where three roads meet in a trivium:

These are literally no man’s land – they belong to no human.

They are places of great liminality and they belong to the denizens of Eldritch.  In these places, it is easier that contact can be made between the beings of Eldritch and the cunning and so it is to here that we go to work with the Eldritch.  Here can be heard our requests for favours, for help and knowledge and it is to here we return to give thanks for gifts received.

Any plants or trees growing on Jacks Green, are deemed to be especially potent when used in magical workings and healings.  This is because they come directly from the world of Eldritch with all the powers that Eldritch has to offer.  It is also the place where used material magica is returned to in thanks and where it can once again be absorbed back into the land from whence it came, for here it will be transformed and brought forth to us again.

We are very lucky to live within sight of a large trivium and regularly use Jacks Green for our arte.  Even though it is bordered by three roads, once we have stepped into the triangle, the sights and sounds of the material world disappear and we enter Eldritch.

Another type of luminal triangle is the Devil’s Plot or Devil’s Holt.

These are corners of fields that are left untouched and unploughed by the farmer.  Originally, they were left uncultivated for the beings of Eldritch to inhabit, therefore avoiding their wrath at being driven from a meadow by the labours of man.  The farmer could plant his crops and by appeasing the Good Folk, could look forward to a healthy harvest in return for leaving a portion of land just for them.

This was such a common custom that the church issued an ordinance against it as an impious and blasphemous usage of land and declared that it was in fact a place to harbour evil spirits and probably a portion for the Devil himself.  From that point on, these uncultivated corners became known as the Devil’s Plot, Devil’s Plantation or Devil’s Holt.

Due to economics, not many farmers leave a portion of land dedicated to the Eldritch anymore but deep in rural parts where belief is still stronger than the pound, they can be espied in the corner of fields.