I feel an apology is due for our absence from this blog for such a long time, so “Sorry!” BUT we are back now and we will be back to regularly updating and adding our thoughts, ramblings and experiences for anyone interested enough to want to know  🙂

We have never stopped working away at our craft, we just found it increasingly difficult to live the way we do and keep up with social media; it’s not easy when you live half of your life outside in nature and the other half indoors crafting magical items and working for people in need and times of trouble – things like social media tend not to come into the equation!

However, after receiving feedback off some lovely people that we have met in the virtual world, we have decided to try again and share what we can as often as we can.

So, if you are still with us, “Hello!” and we are looking forward to sharing with you again.

From all of us at Wytchenwood.