Tonight saw the full moon after last nights lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse was not seen as a good omen in centuries past and so we stayed in and went about our usual business. But tonight we climbed to the top of the ancient hillfort (once the home of the druids and ancestors) to take in the full beauty and power of the lunar energy; and what a night it was!12038323_883254281762390_800610717657589690_n

As we climbed, the air was filled with the scents of the apples and fruits from the wild fruit trees. Below us, the smoke from autumn fires wreathed across the landscape and merged with the creeping mists that were swathing the fields. The sun began to set and as it touched the horizon it burst into the most brilliant of reds, scarlet’s and orange colours. The whole of the sky turned from pinks to reds and we found ourselves surrounded in a blood-red haze. As it sank lower, falling beneath the horizon in the west, the moon rose from the horizon in the east; it glowed orange and red as it rose. We found ourselves standing directly between the blood-red of the setting sun and the red of the rising moon and it was as if they were giving a huge light display, bursting forth with the last of their summer energies; going out with a beautifully colourful bang before clothing themselves in the colours and energies of winter.

We reached the summit and as the last of the sun disappeared beneath the horizon, the geese flew overhead; their silhouettes against the deep red that had leached out and spread across the whole of the horizon, their calls loud as they went. In this part of the country, this signals summers end and the beginning of the colder months and it was as if they were joining with the sun and the moon in announcing the end of summer.12042968_883254955095656_10616682764915141_n

Now it was dark, the sunset gone but the moon rose higher and lit up the hillfort. As we stood in wonder, the owls began their songs; one after another sang out into the clear night. The bats flew over and around us and the deep resonant call of a stag rose up from the woodland below, announcing the beginning of winter.

The summer Wee Folk were scarce; already they are busy finishing their business and packing away ready to re-enter the hollow hills for the winter but the Wee Folk of winter have not yet arrived and so there was a strange quiet from the Good People.

The ancestors were standing in a ring around the summit and in groups on the earthworks beneath; all watching and saying their farewells to the summer and giving voice their welcome of the winter.

There are still some pleasant days to come but those days will now have the bite of winter in them and we feel immensely blessed to have witnessed such an awe-inspiring transition and to have been allowed to be a part of it.