Who We Are

Cloak in the WoodsWelcome to WytchenWood. 

We are a family of traditional cunning-folk living and crafting in 
the magical landscape of the Welsh Borderlands in the UK.

Within the family there are four generations of us, all born and brought 
up locally within the folklore and magical traditions of this beautiful 
area.  Our tradition is that of the cunning craft with strong 
leanings towards our native Druidry.  

Not only do we practice cunning craft, we also make and sell items. 
All of our items are made according to our tradition with the utmost 
care and all within a magical context. All woods used are harvested 
by  ourselves, at the optimum times and with utter respect to ensure 
the  energies within are at their full potential and vibrancy. 
Each item is hand crafted by us within our working space and again,  
all is done in accordance with our personal traditional craft to ensure  
the energies within each piece are receptive to the needs of their owner 
and are happy to operate when called upon. 
Each piece is designed and made to be a working tool, charm or talisman. 


2 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. I purchased a set of ogham staves from your etsy shop. and I love them. also appreciate the pamphlet. What a beautiful set. I wanted to get a set made with the original woods. Am so thankful for this gorgeous set. Immediately felt a strong connection to them and already receiving helpful guidance. Thank you.

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